General Hospital spoilers for January 29, 2024, focus on romance, intrigue, perseverance, and determination. All qualities you want in a Monday episode especially. So do not miss a moment.

Previously, Spencer and Trina’s New York trip was wonderful but quick. They enjoyed art, had romantic meals, and shared a room. But that was only a weekend (Ali breaks down that trip here). Now they’ve landed in Paris where they get to spend months of quality time seeing the sights, visiting the museums, and soaking up the culture.

They’ve barely been in Paris for a second and they’re already sharing a romantic Parisian dinner. Here Trina and Spencer can focus on each other. Obviously, they aren’t obligated to think about anything or anyone back home. However, could this magical dinner date be the calm before the storm?

What happens if some of the Port Charles drama they left behind follows them to the land of the Champs-Élysées, the Louvre Museum, and the Notre Dame Cathedral? While Spencer and Trina partake in all things Parisian, back in PC, Detectives Falconeri and Chase are on the hunt for Esme Prince.

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General Hospital spoilers for January 26, 2024, feature A-list content in the form of powerhouse propositions and plans, substantial regrets, and romantic rendezvous. Do. Not. Miss. This. Episode. You never know, it could turn out to be a game-changer.

For the last couple of weeks, Nina has been through it. She’s had doors shut in her face, is on the outs with her daughter and her family, and was firmly ejected from the company she made a success. All in the name of turning Carly and Drew into the SEC (a move more petty and spiteful than noble).

Understandably, she’s on a downward spiral. But there’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon. Valentin Cassadine has a proposition for Nina. The exes are on super good terms right now. In fact, she’s one of the only people in town he can count on. She went to the mat for him during the recent Dark!Charlotte era.

Clearly, he’s Team Nina and can see that she needs help. So what does this proposition involve? Will Valentin give Nina an in at ELQ? It’s only fair considering Drew just took Crimson away from her. Laura went all in on New Esme being a good mom and changing for the better.

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Days of our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, January 24, 2024, show Sloan has a moment of panic (well, several moments, actually) when Eric announces Leo’s on his way. Tune in to see how this all plays out.

Sloan made a horrible decision when she decided to steal baby Jude away from Nicole. Rightfully, she hasn’t had a moment of peace since (so much so, she made a fool of herself here). That’s not going to end anytime soon. In fact, she nearly goes off the rails when Eric (Greg Vaughan) tells her Leo is coming for a visit.

Sloan has made quite a mess of her life and Leo enjoys lording it over her every second. He has the upper hand, and he’s not going to let her forget it. Just wait and see the reason he’s showing up at her door this time!

Meanwhile, Brady meets up with Kristen and Rachel to make up his missed visit. He’s excited to spend time with his little girl and can’t wait to love on her. Will Rachel feel the same, though? Will she be just as excited to see her dad?

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General Hospital spoilers for January 23, 2024, feature lots of characters feeling stress over a missing friend, test results, and an upcoming trial. Do not miss this episode.

Lately, Jordan Ashford is busy doing double duty. First, there’s her job as Laura’s deputy mayor. But, there’s something else she’s been working on — finding out the identity of the person who shot Curtis. She must be on to something because, suddenly, two men flanked her on the docks, and then disappeared with her.

Here’s the thing…she was supposed to meet up with Anna at Charlie’s Pub. Jordan wouldn’t just skip out without letting her know. Unsurprisingly, Anna is worried about her friend. Will the ex-spy be able to track her down? And if/when she does, will Jordan be okay? Who were those men?

Tracy Quartermaine must be having fun keeping Scott clueless to the fact that she knows he and Lucy are trying to set her up. Because she decided to continue to play along with his affectionate act…for now. So what’s her strategy? When will she drop the bomb that Lucy and Scott have no chance to fleece her for her fortune?

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Days of our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, January 23, 2024, has Paulina taking a beat to digest the news of her diagnosis. This is a hard road and she’s not sure she’s up for the fight.

Paulina is facing an uphill battle and it’s going to take some time to process this new reality. She knew she was unwell but she never expected to deal with this. Understandably, she’s upset, bewildered, and completely overwhelmed.

Paulina is a strong woman but even the strongest of people have moments of panic. Especially when facing something so grim. What Paulina needs now more than ever is love, family, friends, and a whole lot of support.

Meanwhile, Ava and Stefan have a mess to clean up, including the public’s perception of the restaurant. As you can imagine, the raid did not bode well for the business. Ava turns to Stephanie for PR help. Will Stephanie want to get mixed up in all this, though?

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General Hospital weekly spoilers find Carly Corinthos Spencer facing a heartbreaking challenge during the week of January 8-12, 2024. Meanwhile, someone turns herself in, and two schemers get caught on GH. Next week on GH, Carly Corinthos Spencer bonds with Elizabeth Webber over their memories of Bobbie Spencer.

Liz tells Carly how Bobbie changed her life, and it’s a great comfort to Carly. Later, Sonny Corinthos goes to Carly and tells her that he heard about Bobbie. They have a beautiful moment where Carly runs into his arms. Not in a romantic way, but because he is her family and always will be.

Then, Bobbie’s memorial services commence on General Hospital. And the entire city of Port Charles mourns her. Meanwhile, Maxie Jones and her mother, Felicia Scorpio support each other and honor Bobbie. After that, Carly must face her family’s past and finish her mom’s business in Amsterdam.

And Felicia goes along with Carly to take care of Bobbie’s business. After that, Maxie sits down with a reporter and the citizens of PC to reminisce about Bobbie. Plus, Carly makes a beautiful tribute to her. Also, Josslyn Jacks (temporarily Courtney Fulk) is livid with Michael Corinthos.

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The Bold and the Beautiful has Hope Logan and Thomas Forrester looking equally in love with each other these days, as Hope seems to hang up her disclaimer that she is not in love with her lead designer on the CBS soap.

So, it looks as if their afternoon delights soon turn into something else. Maybe something that resembles a relationship instead of the pleasure derived from lust. But there’s quite a barricade in front of them from their families. These folks think no good can come of this union in upcoming B&B episodes.

Hope Logan lit up around Thomas Forrester his week on B&B. That look of lust seems to soften, and in its place is a twinkle in her eye when looking at the Forrester son.

Nothing has changed for Thomas, except he seems convinced that Hope loves him. Especially after she said she loved him for loving her so much. So, this makes him one happy camper going forward on Bold and the Beautiful.

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General Hospital weekly spoilers find Curtis Ashford in for a surprise that could change his life for the better during the week of December 4-8, 2023.

Also, there’s a big return, and a couple shares huge news on General Hospital. Check out what to expect next week with the latest spoilers for the ABC sudsfest.

Next week on General Hospital, Curtis Ashford questions Sonny Corinthos. No doubt, it involves the shooting at the Metro Court Pool because Curtis suspects Sonny was the target.

Later, the kingpin disagrees with his wife, Nina Reeves. Then, Curtis gets a surprise from his wife, Portia Robinson. She tells him about a new experimental procedure.

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Losing Weight

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Burn Your Calories with Swimming

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Burn calories swimming versus Other Sports – Losing Weight By Swimming

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