General Hospital Spoilers Monday, January 29, 2024

Her superpower is causing chaos and pain so this search may prove dangerous. She not-so-subtly left behind a clue that had to do with Toronto. But Esme’s a smart, savvy, and completely diabolical woman. That clue could be a red herring. Let’s hope Chase and Dante are onto Esme’s cunning distractions and decoys. That’s the only way the fugitive will be caught.

Meanwhile, Alexis has news for Laura. Since New!Esme worked for The Invader boss, could she have a clue that leads Laura and the Port Charles Police Department to find Esme before she burns down the world looking for revenge and her son? Because that would be great. Who knows, maybe Esme actually uses The Invader’s black credit card again.

Now that his surgery was successful, it’s time for Curtis to start physical therapy. The last time he did PT, he was determined to walk, but he was also depressed. Will he start this round with a new and improved outlook on life? Or are his friends and family going to have to lift him up again? After all, Curtis has a great cheerleading section that would do that for him.

Finally, Finn comes up with an idea for his case. If he talks to Liz, she’d probably tell him to play his hand and make the idea happen. Or he can take his idea to Martin…his lawyer….so nothing he ends up doing blows back on his case and causes some serious damage.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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