The Bold and the Beautiful has Hope Logan and Thomas Forrester looking equally in love with each other these days, as Hope seems to hang up her disclaimer that she is not in love with her lead designer on the CBS soap.

So, it looks as if their afternoon delights soon turn into something else. Maybe something that resembles a relationship instead of the pleasure derived from lust. But there’s quite a barricade in front of them from their families. These folks think no good can come of this union in upcoming B&B episodes.

Hope Logan lit up around Thomas Forrester his week on B&B. That look of lust seems to soften, and in its place is a twinkle in her eye when looking at the Forrester son.

Nothing has changed for Thomas, except he seems convinced that Hope loves him. Especially after she said she loved him for loving her so much. So, this makes him one happy camper going forward on Bold and the Beautiful.

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