General Hospital Spoilers Tuesday, January 23, 2024

General Hospital spoilers for January 23, 2024, feature lots of characters feeling stress over a missing friend, test results, and an upcoming trial. Do not miss this episode.

Lately, Jordan Ashford is busy doing double duty. First, there’s her job as Laura’s deputy mayor. But, there’s something else she’s been working on — finding out the identity of the person who shot Curtis. She must be on to something because, suddenly, two men flanked her on the docks, and then disappeared with her.

Here’s the thing…she was supposed to meet up with Anna at Charlie’s Pub. Jordan wouldn’t just skip out without letting her know. Unsurprisingly, Anna is worried about her friend. Will the ex-spy be able to track her down? And if/when she does, will Jordan be okay? Who were those men?

Tracy Quartermaine must be having fun keeping Scott clueless to the fact that she knows he and Lucy are trying to set her up. Because she decided to continue to play along with his affectionate act…for now. So what’s her strategy? When will she drop the bomb that Lucy and Scott have no chance to fleece her for her fortune?

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