Zach Tyler Eisen Career

He is an American voice actor, who has voiced mostly for the animated series Avatar. He is voicing for animes since 1999. His first voice project was as Lukas in Entropy in 1999. he also voiced for Andrew of Little Bill, which given him name and fame. He is also voicing for Kids Pick: The President of Niclodeon commercial as kid. Tyler has also worked for Marci-X, The Backyardigans, The Ant bully and his most recent and prominent work is as Aang in Avatar- the Last Air Bender. He is voicing for him since 2005.

Aang’s Character

Aang is the agonist of the show Avatar- The Last Air bender. The title refers to him. He is called air bender because of his ability to manipulate air around him. This is the main characteristic of his dynasty of monks of Air nomads. His character contains extracts of Buddhist and Taoist traditions. His physical appearance is like a twelve year old kid but his actual age is 112 years, as he was confined into an iceberg for hundred years.

It is shown in the series that he was developing into avatar unknowingly and during the process he crossed the seventh chakra and entered the Avatar state and enshrined himself into an air bubble which appears like an iceberg. After hundred years, two members of Southern Water tribe rescue him who later on they become his companions. Aang is the spirit of a planet in human form. He can control elements and is now responsible for safety of four nations.

He is basically a non-violent and vegetarian personality but when confronting evils his previous avatars suggest him to be violent towards the enemies.

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Azula’s Character- Azula is younger sister of Zuko and is a perfectionist in fire bending. That’s why she is most adored in her family. She was fourteen years old when Prince Zuko left the country. She is shown as very cunning and a power hungry girl. She attacked and defeated Aang along with Iroh and Zuko. But later on gave all the credit to Zuko of killing Avatar.

She explains it as she doesn’t need to do something additional to win love of hr father, but Zuko needs this. Later on it is revealed that she knows that if Avatar survived then all the glory of Zuko will turn into shame and this way she snatched away the throne from Zuko forever. Later on when she is about to be crowned, Zuko arrives there and Azula challenges him for Agni Kai, in which Zuko and Katara defeat her with their cunning techniques and in the end Azula becomes insane and she never appeared in the rest of seasons. It is heard that she has been sent to Fire nation Mental Health Facility on a nearby Island.

Grey Delisle- Voice of Azula

Birthday- August 24, 1973

Birth Place- Fort Ord, California.

Career- She is a multi-talented lady. She is an American singer, songwriter and voice actress. Initially she was in The Cure Band and later in her teens she started singing old Gospel tunes and joined Stand –up comedy. Her imitating skills brought her entry into the world of Voice acting. She was announced as Superstar voice actress by anime news network after her work in The Fairy Oddparents, What’s New Scooby Doo?, and Clifford: The Big Red Dog. She has also voiced for a number of Video games including popular Star-Wars games. Recently she has voiced for Azula in Avatar– The Last Air Bender. She is also known for her voice work for Mandy in The Grim Adventures of Bill and Mandy. It will not be wrong to say that her voice has been used in the most of animated series, films and Video games of America.

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Iroh’s Character

Iroh is also known as Dragon of the west in the series. He’s Zuko and Azula’s uncle and older brother of Zuko’s father Fire Lord Ozai. He is a former Crown Prince as well. He leaves with Zuko when he is exiled from his country by Ozai. It is learnt that he has created his own fire bending and lightening techniques after closely observing water benders. He teaches these techniques to Zuko in the later seasons, which help him in defeating Aang and in capturing Ba Sing Se for Azula. He remains beside Zuko in all his bad times but still confronts him when he defeats Aang while in avatar state and later on Zuko regrets his actions as well. Later Iroh is put behind the bars for the charges of defending the Avatar. While in orison he refuses to meet Zuko. I the series finale it is shown that he has absconded from prison.

Mako-Voice of Iroh in first two seasons.

Real Name- Mako Iwamatsu.

Birthday- December 10, 1933.

Died on- July 21, 2006

Birth Place- Kobe, Japan.

Career- He was born in Japan but soon his family relocated to US. He is graduate in architecture, worked in military, and it was there that he came to know about his acting skills. Finally he got formal training and did debut with Never So Few. He is an Academy Award and Tony Award nominated actor. He has acted in numerous films and TV shows. He lent his voice for Iroh in Avatar- The Last Airbender and as Aku in Samurai Jack. He voiced for Iroh until two seasons only as unfortunately he died in July, 2006. He was suffering from Esophageal cancer.

Greg Baldwin- Voice for Iroh.

Birthday- September 13, 1960

Birth Place- Grants, New Mexico.

Career- Born in New Mexico and raised in Spring, Texas, Greg has worked the most in theatre. Currently he is residing in San Fernando Valley. His first theatre appearance was as Mushnik in Little Shop of Horrors. He is most known as a voice actor. He has voiced for Boris in Brandy and Mr. Whiskers and also worked for Xiaolin Showdown, Spongebob squarepants along with several video games. After unfortunate demise of Mako, he was the first choice of Avatar creators to replace the voice of Iroh in Avatar- Tha Last Airbender.

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