General Hospital Weekly Spoilers January 8-12, 2024

General Hospital weekly spoilers find Carly Corinthos Spencer facing a heartbreaking challenge during the week of January 8-12, 2024. Meanwhile, someone turns herself in, and two schemers get caught on GH. Next week on GH, Carly Corinthos Spencer bonds with Elizabeth Webber over their memories of Bobbie Spencer.

Liz tells Carly how Bobbie changed her life, and it’s a great comfort to Carly. Later, Sonny Corinthos goes to Carly and tells her that he heard about Bobbie. They have a beautiful moment where Carly runs into his arms. Not in a romantic way, but because he is her family and always will be.

Then, Bobbie’s memorial services commence on General Hospital. And the entire city of Port Charles mourns her. Meanwhile, Maxie Jones and her mother, Felicia Scorpio support each other and honor Bobbie. After that, Carly must face her family’s past and finish her mom’s business in Amsterdam.

And Felicia goes along with Carly to take care of Bobbie’s business. After that, Maxie sits down with a reporter and the citizens of PC to reminisce about Bobbie. Plus, Carly makes a beautiful tribute to her. Also, Josslyn Jacks (temporarily Courtney Fulk) is livid with Michael Corinthos.

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