General Hospital Spoilers Friday, January 26, 2024

Well, Old Esme’s back complete with her memories and dark and twisted persona intact. In fact, she conked Kevin over the head in order to prevent him from stopping her impending plans. Now, Laura’s wisely and FINALLY voicing regrets but the question is to whom? Kevin? Because, not for nothing, but the psychiatrist believed the best about New Esme, too.

Ava and Sonny aren’t simply co-parents, they are roommates. And now they’re adding co-conspirators to their list of shared titles. The two are making plans, which sounds fairly low-key. However, Sonny and Ava are high-key kind of people and they only do things that’ll cause maximum impact and, sometimes, even damage. So what’s the nature of these plans?

Spencer and Trina have partied and packed their bags. Hopefully, they’ve decided to leave their respective baggage — AKA drama and trauma behind. Because they’ve finally flown out of Port Charles and landed in Paris! For the next few months they’ll concentrate on art, school, the language of love, lights, chocolate croissants, brie cheese, and the Eiffel Tower. Unless something, of course, gets in the way of their happiness. Because, as Portia acknowledged, trouble seems to find Spencer everywhere.

As for Finn, his trial is underway and already it’s time for him to testify. Will he be able to convey everything necessary to win this malpractice lawsuit? Or will his socially awkward ways fail to make a good impression on the judge? At this point, the trial could go either way.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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