Who is the voice of Aang in Avatar ?

Zach Tyler Eisen Career

He is an American voice actor, who has voiced mostly for the animated series Avatar. He is voicing for animes since 1999. His first voice project was as Lukas in Entropy in 1999. he also voiced for Andrew of Little Bill, which given him name and fame. He is also voicing for Kids Pick: The President of Niclodeon commercial as kid. Tyler has also worked for Marci-X, The Backyardigans, The Ant bully and his most recent and prominent work is as Aang in Avatar- the Last Air Bender. He is voicing for him since 2005.

Aang’s Character

Aang is the agonist of the show Avatar- The Last Air bender. The title refers to him. He is called air bender because of his ability to manipulate air around him. This is the main characteristic of his dynasty of monks of Air nomads. His character contains extracts of Buddhist and Taoist traditions. His physical appearance is like a twelve year old kid but his actual age is 112 years, as he was confined into an iceberg for hundred years.

It is shown in the series that he was developing into avatar unknowingly and during the process he crossed the seventh chakra and entered the Avatar state and enshrined himself into an air bubble which appears like an iceberg. After hundred years, two members of Southern Water tribe rescue him who later on they become his companions. Aang is the spirit of a planet in human form. He can control elements and is now responsible for safety of four nations.

He is basically a non-violent and vegetarian personality but when confronting evils his previous avatars suggest him to be violent towards the enemies.

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