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Who Is The Voice Of Katara In Avatar ?

Katara’s Character- Katara is a female water-Bender means she has capabilities to manipulate water. She belongs to Southern Water tribe in which everybody is a water Bender, but she is the last water bender alive, as Fire nation had attacked and vanished her tribe. She was saved by her mother

Who Is The Voice Of Azula In Avatar ?

Azula’s Character- Azula is younger sister of Zuko and is a perfectionist in fire bending. That’s why she is most adored in her family. She was fourteen years old when Prince Zuko left the country. She is shown as very cunning and a power hungry girl. She attacked and defeated Aang along with Iroh and […]

Who Is The Voice Of IROH In Avatar ?

Iroh’s Character Iroh is also known as Dragon of the west in the series. He’s Zuko and Azula’s uncle and older brother of Zuko’s father Fire Lord Ozai. He is a former Crown Prince as well. He leaves with Zuko when he is exiled from his country by Ozai. It is learnt that he has […]