The Young and Restless spoilers

The Young And The Restless Spoilers for Friday, October 18

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Friday, October 18, finally reveal something that fans have been asking for more than a week, ever since Cane was conked on the head and dragged away. So what happened to Cane? We also see that while Abby won’t give up on Nate and Chelsea willing to put aside her pride for Connor’s sake. You won’t want to miss a moment of this edge-of-your-seat episode.

When last we saw Cane, he was in Las Vegas, sparring with Adam and Phyllis, and looking for Chance. He got a text to meet Jill’s errant grandson… in an alley. Does anything good ever come from random meetings in an alley? Cane got knocked over the head and taken somewhere. Then we didn’t hear from him for a week. Well, he’s alive! And he’s also figured something out. But will it be for better… or for worse?

Abby wasn’t pleased when Nate more or less dumped her. He wasn’t pleased that Abby defended Victor convincing Nate to help him fake his death. Nate thought he was saving his patient’s life, but Victor only used it to take the law into his own hands. Now Nate could lose his medical license.

But Abby believes helping her daddy is a greater good and they should all be grateful for the opportunity to be collateral damage. Abby isn’t ready to give up on the relationship. Even though, originally, she was the one who was sending mixed signals and wanting to take it slow. And Abby is a Newman. cotinue reading on the next post —>

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