The Young and Restless spoilers

The Young and the Restless Spoilers Wednesday July 3

Celeste will hijack colas special day with some crazy ideas of her own. So things could head south quickly, we’ll give you updates as other why and our news comes in. Next on Y&R Phyllis will confront Adam at Dark Horse. She’ll be upset, thinking that he hired Kevin Fischer to kidnap her.

Adam will tell her that the kidnapping was Kevin’s doing. Phyllis will want to retaliate against Kevin but Adam will tell her that he works for them now, Phyllis will be suspicious about why Kevin would do Adams bidding but Eden won’t tell Phyllis what he has over Kevin. Then Phyllis will tell Adam that he’s hosting a gathering at his penthouse tonight before leaving a message for summer.

Celeste clearly won’t know that Lola and thing together and she won’t take the hint when Kyle tries to convince her to stay of the TC ACK instead. Lola will give Kyle her keys and he’ll go to their apartment to get things ready. Next on Y&R at Adams penthouse, he’ll tell Kevin that Chelsea’s in town and that his job is to follow her and find out the name of Connors summer camp.

Kevin will bucket the idea but Adam will insist or else he’ll have Chloe Mitch them locked up. Later, Adam will answer the door to find Chelsea’s husband Calvin Boundreau there. Calvin will tell Adam that he wants to talk. Finaly, Nick and Chelsea will talk at Nick’s place.

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