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The Young and the Restless Spoilers Tuesday, October 8 Y&R Ubdate

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Tuesday, October 8 reveal a day of family feuds, legal feuds, and Phyllis feuds. Billy and Kyle are squabbling over nonsense… or is it? Also, Nate gets into Amanda’s face, and Phyllis gets a chance to crow, which is what she loves to do most.

When Jack announced that he would be stepping back from day to day tasks at Jabot in order to focus on his brand new writing career, and naming Kyle and Billy as co-captains, his brother and son acted like professional grown-ups about it.

Yeah, enough of that. It’s time for a measuring contest and a very clear symbol of who is REALLY in charge. Billy and Kyle go to war… over Jack’s office. Is this really over an office, though? Or perhaps there is something more underlying Jack never thought of when he left these two in charge of the castle.

Devon has yelled at Amanda. Mariah has yelled at Amanda. So has Jill. How dare she look so much like Hilary! And, you know, claim that Tucker forged Kay’s will? Now it’s Nate’s turn to yell at Amanda. Hey, remember how, when Nate first came to Genoa City (he was a different man, then), he and Hilary had some silly arguments in the hallways which, in most cases, would have lead to an opposites attract relationship?

Well, now he’s played by someone else, she is actually someone else… but will the sparks still be there? In her hunt for Adam, Phyllis decided to follow Cane to Las Vegas. Since we all know whatever Phyllis wants, Phyllis gets, how long will it be before she finds not just Cane, but also Adam, and beats Cane to whatever punch he’s planning? The victory tour starts now, as Phyllis gets her first triumph in. But, what does that mean for Cane? cotinue reading on the next post —>

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