The Young and Restless spoilers

The Young and the Restless Spoilers for Wednesday, August 21

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Wednesday, August 21 uncover Billy getting down to business on his family, Victor getting his hands on a mystery, and Theo irritating Mariah to no closure. You won’t have any desire to miss a snapshot of this emotional scene.

Billy is unsettled. What’s more, he might want everybody around him to know it. Billy is troubled that Jack and Ashley have chosen to consolidate their two organizations, despite the fact that Billy said he was against it. He doesn’t care for his elder sibling and sister joining forces against him and not giving Billy a chance to be the enormous man at Jabot like he needs.

Billy is additionally despondent about Adam being back in Genoa City. In all actuality, the man executed Billy’s little girl. In any case, Billy hearing Delia’s voice and regretting to Victoria at Kyle and Lola’s wedding about how he’ll never get the opportunity to walk Delia down the walkway rang somewhat false, as Billy has been to many weddings since Delia’s demise… and the subject never came up.

In any case, Billy is distraught. Also, it’s the ideal opportunity for his family to hear about it. Once more. He is by all accounts totally unwinding. Victor has never met a mystery he couldn’t use to hold over someone head and get what he needs. Presently, Victor has recently taken in a fresh out of the box new one. cotinue reading on the next page —>

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