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The Young And The Restless Spoilers Monday, November 11 Y&R Ubdate

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Monday, November 11 find Chelsea in danger just as her plan to protect Connor gets derailed by Victor! Who would have thought inheriting multiple suitcases of dirty money would come back to cause Chelsea problems? She gave a bag to her mom, and one to the shady lawyer who set it all up. The rest, Chelsea asked Kevin to launder.

And that should be it, right? No muss, no fuss? Look out… a little muss and fuss coming through! Of course, it would. Simon, a fellow who claims Chelsea’s late husband owes him money, wants it… now. And he’s not above threatening Connor to do it. Chelsea asks Anita to front her some. But it’s not enough.

Connor isn’t the only one in danger. Simon isn’t above roughing Chelsea up a bit, too. How many more people will he threaten?Chelsea’s plan for keeping Connor safe involved asking Adam to take the boy to his mother’s farm in Kansas. Everyone knows bad guys can’t go to Kansas. It’s too wholesome. After asking some suspicious questions, Adam finally agrees.

But first, he and Connor cross paths with Victor. And Victor has a better idea for how Adam and Connor can bond as father and son. After all, Victor is the father and son expert. And his plans are always the best plans. cotinue reading on the next post —>

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