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The Young And The Restless Adam Takes Advantage Of Calvin’s Death

While dining at Society, Victor complains about waiting for the check. Then, Nikki Newman reminds him he already paid it. Plus, Jack Abbott noticed something was off with his old rival. And it wasn’t just the check Victor forgot. He thinks he’s still CEO of NE even though Victoria’s in his chair right now. This is a disturbing warning sign since the treatment just began, promise Young and the Restless spoilers.

Y&R Spoilers: Newman Family Worries as Victor’s Mind Gets Mushy

Young and the Restless spoilers say Jack tells Billy Abbott about Victor’s slip-up. Then, Billy blabs to Vikki. She reveals a side effect of Victor’s protocol is mental confusion. Now, only Victor’s family (at least most of them) know of the new treatment and its potential drawbacks. But how long can they keep his secret and how much worse might it get?

As the treatments roll on, Victor Newman‘s memory issues likely worsen. It’s unknown whether those issues are short-term or permanent. Victor has faced many challenges in his life and always comes out on top. But he’s rarely weak so this is tough. And what makes it worse is that it makes Newman Enterprises and Victor personally vulnerable to his enemies, remind Young and the Restless spoilers.

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