The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Twitchy Liam Misreads What He Sees – Rushes to Ex-Wife

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers just confirmed Steffy Forrester and Liam Spencer get boozy and fall into bed next week on the CBS soap opera. But with her OB/GYN due back soon, does this mean they made a whoopsy baby with the one-night mistake?

Today on B&B, Liam Spencer ran to Thomas Forrester’s place and found him alone with Hope Logan. Only it wasn’t Hope — it was the doll. Then, Thomas kisses her as Liam watches. Clearly, Liam believes that his wife was smooching the other man.

In coming Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, angry Liam Spencer then runs straight back to Steffy Forrester’s home. Before he “caught” Thomas and Hope, he’d just complained to Steffy that Thomas couldn’t be trusted. Now, Liam thinks his wife betrayed him. So, he takes comfort elsewhere.

We’ll see on Bold and the Beautiful that Steffy Forrester and Liam Spencer have a few drinks. The last time he drank and slept with Steffy, it was because he’d been drugged. This time, Liam’s got no excuse for what he does. And Steffy certainly has no excuse for what they do.

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