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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers Next Weeks November 30-December 4 |Ubdate

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers next week, November 30-December 4, see Liam Spencer attacking Thomas Forrester as the other man spirals on the CBS soap opera. Hope Logan won’t stand for this, and “Lope” might implode soon on B&B. On B&B, Finn spends time with Hope Logan, asking questions about Thomas Forrester’s behavior.

He’s heard Liam Spencer’s rants but wants someone with a less emotional take on everything. What Finn hears from Hope concerns him. He worries Thomas is injured. Then, in Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Finn tries to talk sense to Thomas Forrester, who’s clearly not himself. The kind doctor’s not pushy, just concerned.

But Thomas isn’t in the right headspace to have a chat. Soon, Finn lets Hope know that there’s something wrong, and she races there. Next week’s Bold and the Beautiful spoilers see Steffy Forrester get tipsy with Liam Spencer, and they fall into bed. It’s Liam’s same old waffle move. Whenever Liam’s annoyed with one woman, he runs to the other. So, Liam Spencer wants to come clean to his wife about the cheating he just did with Steffy.

However, per Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Steffy knows that’s a terrible idea. It would ruin her romance with Finn – and end Liam’s marriage. So, she tells him to keep it a secret. Meanwhile, Liam Spencer’s still certain that Hope was cheating, and so, he’s fuming despite his own dirty betrayal of their marriage.

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