The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Hope poised to be a runaway bride

When Hope disappears before the ceremonies set to begin, Liam will think she’s poised to be a runaway bride, at least he’ll hope so. Much to Liam’s dismay, hope will indeed appear after a long. B&B fans can expect the nuptials to kick off soon after. The boat and the beautiful spoilers say hope will have a hard time getting through this but it seems she’ll indeed make Thomas her husband.

B&B : Thomas Forrester Covers His Tracks?

Bold and Beautiful spoilers hint Xander’s GPS proof may disappear. It’s easy enough for Thomas to reset it, wipe the memory, or demagnetize the hard drive of the car. Plus, Xander was trespassing when he got the info, so he can’t really take it to the police, either. Now, with the young man heading back to England, it sure seems like the bad guy’s in the clear.

But he can’t trust that Xander might not still call the cops. So, the data needs to be scrubbed from the car’s computer. But will the Forrester designer be the one to clean up his mess or will someone else? After all, Zoe has huge stakes in this game. She knows she and her dad might both go to prison over this, remind Bold and Beautiful spoilers.

B&B spoilers show that the villain’s got unwilling allies in covering his tracks. Not only does Zoe want the crime to go unreported, so does Flo Fulton. Both of them will go to jail. Thomas only learned about the baby Beth secret later, so at worst, he’d get a slap on the wrist since he can afford a top-notch lawyer. But that’s not true for others.

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