The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers For Monday, December 14, B&B

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Monday, December 14, 2020, promise Thomas dealing with his overwhelming emotions and Steffy reaching a shaky agreement with Liam. Liam is ready to spill all and blow up his life but Steffy is not willing to suffer for his mistakes.

She tells him to shove his guilt way down and keep it to himself. What good would coming clean do? They were drunk, Liam was careless, and does he really want Hope to hear all those things he said? Liam is Liam and he knows how this story goes. This is not his first rodeo.

While he goes on and on about respecting his wife and marriage, that is simply not true. If it was, he never would have slept with Steffy in the first place. He knows it, she knows it, and one day, Hope will know it, too. Plus, it is not just Liam with someone to lose. Steffy finally thought she moved on and found a good man in Finn.

He is kind and caring and as sweet as can be. The truth coming out with kill that romance fast. Meanwhile, Thomas counts his blessings. He is here, he is alive, and a woman he nearly destroyed is still showing him compassion beyond words. He could not be more thankful to still have Hope as a friend.

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