The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers : Hope Is Serious Danger Now

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Hope is in serious danger now that Thomas has successfully cut her off from Liam . With Clifton’s characters manipulated gaze directed back to Steffy Forrester, Hope is living in Thomas fantasy World. As risky as it seemed the drug plan Thomas hatched worked.

Liams chemically altered drink caused him to see Steffy as he once did, yes steam reconnected because Thomas engineered Liam’s interest. Hope has no idea just how much behind-the-scenes work Thomas has been doing since he returned from New York. The scheme to pair her with Douglas as often as possible created a far quicker bond than would normally have been possible.

Hope Is Serious Danger Now

Using that innocent boy as a puppet on many occasions. From the forged illustration to various go fish games. Along with time spending requests and the invented letter from Caroline all provided a blueprint for what Thomas would do when he learned that Phoebe was actually Beth Spencer.

As B&B fans know Thomas initially planned on telling hope the whole truth, but he turned on a soaps time, deciding to use the horrific knowledge as part of a plan to make her his wife and Douglas stepmother. Xander Avon strongly believes that. Thomas is responsible for Emma Barbara’s shocking death, but the other two baby swaps secret keepers, flow Flo and Zoe aren’t too sure.

Xander’s suspicions are correct, which reinforces the fact, not opinion, that hope is in Thomas direct line of fire. Also fans can see that Thomas feelings toward Noelle’s embattled character could surely turn from his version of love to serious consequences.

Hope wouldn’t necessarily have to learn about everything Thomas has done, or even realize a little bit. Instead, she could simply resist his Russian face whirlwind fall out. to his mental health issues. Thomas lack of confidence is causing him to feel that he needs to control all aspects of what he thinks is a courtship. Hope is used to Liam’s full chivalry and based on her trusting nature and continuing stages of grief. Hasn’t caught on to what Thomas is really doing, but her mother has. cotinue reading on the next page —>

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