The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers Hope Fled From The Wedding

Liam feared something bad would happen if hope moved forward with this wedding, and he’ll be exactly right. Farwell Thomas go to get Hope in bed, will he drugged and raped.’ Will Liam intervened before that happens.

Bold and the Beautiful: Liam Spencer Faces Off With Thomas Forrester at the Wedding

B&B spoilers show it’s an awkward wedding day since the only people in favor of this wedding seem to be Thomas Forrester, Douglas Forrester, Ridge Forrester and maybe Steffy. Surely, Thomas isn’t happy to see Liam Spencer at the wedding and says he hopes the guy “didn’t feel obligated” to show up. Liam claps back saying he’ll always be where “Hope can find me”.

Before things can get too ugly, Steffy steps between them and says “play nice”. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say the groom pushes to get the bride to the altar ASAP. Nothing and no one stops him. For all the naysayers in attendance, Thomas has a message. “This wedding’s happening just get over it”. But Liam says “things may not work out the way you want”.

In the end, it seems that Hope Logan becomes Mrs Thomas Forrester and then the groom pushes for a “real” honeymoon. Remember, he’s still got some of those happy/sexy drugs in his pocket. So, who knows what will happen on their wedding night. However, Hope Logan postponed intimacy and said she wanted to wait until they’re married. Once they are, he’ll push to get everything he wants.

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