The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers For Next Weeks December 7-11

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for December 7-11, 2020, reveal Quinn going off the rails, Liam and Steffy facing their demons, and Thomas making a wild admission. Liam continues to go after his wife. Hope shuts him down. Thomas was not kissing her, he was kissing the mannequin. WHOOPS! Boy, did Liam blow his life up over nothing?

Will Liam admit the truth, though? He may have to. He and Steffy face their lingering feelings and sort through the murky waters. Will the waffler waffle one more time? As for Steffy, one has to wonder how things will go in her new relationship. She has a big decision to make about whether or not to come clean to Finn.

She adores the doc, heck, she may even love him – just not enough to kick Liam out of her bed for good. Thomas pulls through surgery, but he is not out of the woods. He has a long road to recovery and it will not be easy. Thomas has to heal physically, emotionally, and mentally. He starts by coming clean about his deepest, darkest secrets.

Ridge is treated to his son’s confession session. Watch for his reaction when Thomas opens up. These are things Ridge could never see coming. Spoilers show Quinn stirring the pot this week. She is hell-bent on fixing her marriage at all costs. Which means, Quinn revisits her scheming roots.

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