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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Tuesday, March 10 DOOL Update

Days of our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, March 10, 2020, reveal Kate’s in grave danger, Justin opening up about his fears, and John turning to an unlikely source to save Marlena. SteVano’s spell continues to rule Chad and he continues his mission of dirty deeds. This time, it’s Kate who comes under attack. Chad gets orders to kill her and he has every intention of following through.

Is Kate tough enough to survive the brutal strike? Chad may meet his match in Kate. She has survived way worse than him and come out on top. She is a warrior ready to fight to the death to keep breathing. Meanwhile, SteVano holds his breath when Rolf brings Marlena around. Will the mad scientist’s wild procedure have the desired result?

He wants her to worship the ground he walks on and will not settle for anything less than a doting Queen of the Night. Back at the station, John steps up his rescue mission by begging Gina for help. Is he barking up the wrong tree? The last thing the princess wants is for John to find his lady love. She wants him all to herself without any outside interference.

However, once John turns on the charm, he becomes irresistible Princess Gina’s a woman in love and John knows how to play her like a fiddle. Meanwhile, Justin updates Jack about the happenings of the last few days and opens up about his worst fear. Kayla tried so hard to bring Steve back. What if it worked?

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