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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For Tuesday, September 29 DOOL

Days of our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, September 29, 2020, are sure to raise questions about Tripp and Allie’s connection. It seems the two have a history in Europe! This begs the question — is he the father of Allie’s son? A run-in between Tripp and Allie has everyone talking. Just how friendly are these two, really? That’s what Steve wants to know.

He corners his son and starts asking questions. Was he ever involved with the young mom? Nicole asks much the same of Allie. How well does she know Tripp? In a bombshell twist, Allie admits the two met up in London. She was there partying, he was there for school, and fate crossed their paths.

Fan rumors peg these two as co-parents and have for months. Are viewers right? Could the speculation be true? And, if so, what will Tripp do if Henry is his? He will have rights. Lots and lots of rights. He could fight Allie (err, well, Sami) for custody and ruin all her plans for her son.

Of course, there is always more to every story. Teasers show there is a twist coming that could change the course of Tripp’s life, his future, and any chance he has of a relationship with the baby. Spoilers show fireworks exploding at the Kiriakis mansion when the family throws Philip a welcome home dinner.

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