Days of Our Lives Spoilers

Days of Our Lives Spoilers For Spoilers Next Week June 1-5

Days of our Lives spoilers for June 1-5, 2020, reveal stinging condemnations, a request for a homecoming, yet another proposal, and a looming battle for custody. Sarah storms Victor’s hospital room and unleashes her pent-up fury at the man who upended her life. Marlena interrupts her, takes her into the hall, and offers some professional advice.

Off that free therapy session, during which Marlena wonders if perhaps Sarah is still in love with Xander, Sarah heads back to the Kiriakis mansion…and runs straight into her would-be husband. Xander begs for a second chance, but Brady arrives and tells Sarah all about Xander’s partnership with Kristen and their plan to steal her embryo.

When Xander counters that Sarah had planned to have an abortion anyway, he receives a slap across the face! Marlena is surprised to receive a phone call from Claire requesting a visit. When she arrives at Bayview, Marlena is heartened to see Claire recovered from her breakdown… but she is left worried by the young woman’s request for release.

Steve witnesses Justin’s proposal to Kayla and he finds comfort in conversation with Jack – who gives him some brotherly advice – and a bottle of booze. The latter loosens his tongue and he becomes mighty tempted at the prospect of telling Kayla the truth about his feelings for her.

Rafe is surprised by Zoey’s news concerning David’s custody case. Turns out, the hearing is still on! Luckily the former G-Man has Hope on his side. Spoilers promise that she’ll go to bat for her ex as the custody battle heats up. In other Salem news, Lani grapples with her fears concerning her pregnancy – though she and Eli do share the news with Abe and Julie.

Meanwhile, Jake comes clean with Ben about his past… and it apparently includes a missing girlfriend. Ben offers his assistance in tracking her down, but the men will have a far more pressing matter to deal with when Gabi is kidnapped! Finally, John questions Brady’s motives, Zoey argues with Orpheus and Will and Sonny make a life-changing decision.

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