Days of Our Lives Spoilers

Days of Our Lives Spoilers For Spoilers Next Week October 26-30

Kayla initially dismisses the quack’s outlandish ramblings. Then, upon realizing that he is deadly serious, Kayla points out a slight flaw in his plan – she’s a bit far removed from her childbearing years. But when has Rolf ever let a little thing like biology stand in his way?

Orpheus demands that Marlena free Evan from Bayview. With little recourse, Marlena acquiesces… then she hands the young man over to his father. But salvation comes in the form of John who manages to track down his most hated foe. In other Salem news, Lucas tells Kate about Allie’s rape, Ben readies himself to take action against Vincent, and Chad becomes suspicious of Gwen.

Meanwhile, Justin shares an important piece of information with Bonnie, Doug and Julie mourn Ciara, and Jack and Jennifer find a stunning letter from Hope. Finally, Henry’s DNA results come in, and Kristen reveals her fate to Lani.

Statesville escapee Dr. Wilhelm Rolf cut a deal to get away from Chad DiMera and then goes after Kayla Brady. Watch as Rolf takes Kayla prisoner at gunpoint with a new wicked science project to reveal. It turns out Dr. Rolf made a Stefano clone-embryo, and it’s ready.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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  1. I am no longer watching this morbid show that just shows one kidnapping and drugging after the next,,DOOL has become complete trash that no longer shows couples happy and the weddings are just awful..the acting has gotten so bad it is hard to watch..The Actresses aren’t as pretty and some are aging badly! What was once a show that you could enjoy watching and could forget about your problems for an hour has now increased the stress and anxiety to a point where it is unhealthy to watch now! Goodbye are going down the drain!!

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