Days of Our Lives Spoilers

Days of Our Lives Spoilers For Spoilers Next Week August 3-7

Days of our Lives spoilers for August 3-7, 2020 reveal the possible ceasing (or success) of a diabolical plan, a young mother railing against her loved ones, and so much more. Ben’s captors have been revealed – it’s Eve Donovan and Vincent, a former protégé of Dr. Rolf – and have their mission: brainwash Ben into resuming his serial killer ways and place an unsuspecting Ciara in his path.

While the heinous experiments are being conducted, Ciara, Claire, Shawn-Douglas, and Hope make their way to New York City and extract some vital information from former Salemite Chloe Lane.
Said information steers the quartet towards the warehouse where Ben is being held and they storm the facility hoping to enact a daring rescue and apprehend the clearly unhinged Eve. But have they arrived too late?

Allie summons Rafe to her hospital room and grills him on the role that Sami played in his decision to reject the offer of adopting her baby. Afterward, she calls for Will and Sonny and tells them that not only does she know that Will was complicit in Sami’s actions but she also lets them know that they will not be adopting her little boy.

In the aftermath of those dual confrontations, Allie is left depleted, defeated, and depressed. On Nicole’s advice, Allie agrees to visit her newborn and she is left deeply affected by the moment. In other Salem news, Gwen agrees to spy on Gabi for Chad and Gabi enlists Jake’s help to get Shin on her side. Also, Xander admits to Jack that he’s worried he’ll blow his second chance with Sarah.

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  1. I am no longer watching this morbid show that just shows one kidnapping and drugging after the next,,DOOL has become complete trash that no longer shows couples happy and the weddings are just awful..the acting has gotten so bad it is hard to watch..The Actresses aren’t as pretty and some are aging badly! What was once a show that you could enjoy watching and could forget about your problems for an hour has now increased the stress and anxiety to a point where it is unhealthy to watch now! Goodbye are going down the drain!!

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