Days of Our Lives Spoilers

Days of Our Lives Spoilers For Spoilers Next Week April 5-9

Days of our Lives spoilers for April 5-9, 2021 tease a meeting of the minds, a standoff between victim and abuser, and hypnosis gone awry.

In response to Sarah’s supposed abandonment of him, Xandedowns several extremely potent libations and heads out raring for a fight. He gets what he bargained for – and more!

He then heads for the solitude of Salem park, and that’s where he runs smack dab into Chanel Price. The two share a bottle of booze and spend the remainder of the evening confiding their personal heartaches to one another.

Upon awaking from her coma, a fit-to-be-tied Jan demands satisfaction…but Belle is on hand to quell her desire. As she rightfully points out, she is well within her rights to have Jan arrested for the kidnapping ordeal she submitted her to – but why go to all that trouble?

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

Mary Stone

After earning a BA in Communications, Mary began his professional career in the Barre Red Barons’ front office. He later worked as a print sports writer. Mary became a state licensed school teacher, the author of the children’s book Maddie: Teaching Tolerance with a Smile, and a credentialed sports columnist. He’s also been a longtime soap opera loyalist.

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  1. I am no longer watching this morbid show that just shows one kidnapping and drugging after the next,,DOOL has become complete trash that no longer shows couples happy and the weddings are just awful..the acting has gotten so bad it is hard to watch..The Actresses aren’t as pretty and some are aging badly! What was once a show that you could enjoy watching and could forget about your problems for an hour has now increased the stress and anxiety to a point where it is unhealthy to watch now! Goodbye are going down the drain!!

    • Donna Evans says:

      If you like younger actresses then there are some on Bold and the Beautiful. That’s what Soaps are suppose to have drama. But I too wish there could be happy endings sometime.

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