Days of Our Lives Spoilers

Days of Our Lives Spoilers For Spoilers Next 2 Week January 18-29

Days of our Lives two-weeks-ahead spoilers have Allie Horton recovering her memories of the assault. Plus, Julie Williams is in dire straits and needs a doctor before the end of the month. Here’s what happens on the NBC soap opera January 18-29.

Philip Kiriakis is up a creek now that his mob scheme’s outed. Soon, the bad guys invade Salem looking for him. Chloe Lane plans to hide him from them.Plus, Sarah Horton’s worried sick about him too, say Days of our Lives spoilers. They need a new plan, and Chloe goes back to Brady Black for help. Will he give it?

Days of our Lives spoilers the two weeks ahead tell us Ben Weston advises Allie Horton to let her grandma get inside her head. He thinks Allie can recover her memories.So, in the second week of Days of our Lives, Allie Horton does that. And doc’s able to help Allie recall the rape. Then, Allie Horton knows it was Charlie Dale. And Allie’s furious.

Now, Julie Willians is in a good place. She’s got a great-grandchild named after her, and life’s good. However, Julie’s soon in a medical crisis. Is this about her ticker going bad again?

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  1. I am no longer watching this morbid show that just shows one kidnapping and drugging after the next,,DOOL has become complete trash that no longer shows couples happy and the weddings are just awful..the acting has gotten so bad it is hard to watch..The Actresses aren’t as pretty and some are aging badly! What was once a show that you could enjoy watching and could forget about your problems for an hour has now increased the stress and anxiety to a point where it is unhealthy to watch now! Goodbye are going down the drain!!

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