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Days of Our Lives Spoilers For Next Week April 27-May 1 Ubdate

Days of our Lives weekly spoilers April 27-May 1 reveal Victor Kiriakis wakes up and Kristen DiMera’s terrified what he’ll say. Plus, hot “newcomer” Jake Lambert is on the scene and has no idea who Stefan DiMera is, it seems. See all the action ahead this week in DOOL soap opera spoilers.

Victor Kiriakis in Critical Condition – Family Scared on Days of our Lives

Spoilers say word spreads about Victor Kiriakis’ dire situation. Ciara Brady sits vigil by his bedside while others pace the floor. It’s life-and-death for Victor, but then he rallies. By the end of the week, Victor Kiriakis wakes, but will he ID his attacked, ask Days of our Lives spoilers? Meanwhile, Kristen’s freaking out because if he dies, she’s up for a murder rap.

But her honey Brady Black’s ready to protect her. He knows that Kristen attacked Victor Kiriakis because she was out of her mind with grief. Soon, watch to see Brady “caught” with the weapon in hand that stabbed Victor Kiriakis. Plus, it looks like Brady knowingly takes the blame to protect her when she says she’s going to confess to attacking Victor Kiriakis.

New Guy Jake, AKA Dead Stefan Stuns Locals – DOOL Spoilers

Next week’s Days of our Lives spoilers see that new guy Jake’s a blue-collar, rough and tumble mechanic. And he hires Ben Weston, while claiming to have no clue who’s this DiMera guy he keeps mentioning. Ciara and Ben celebrate his new job as a grease monkey. But things are still strange.

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