Days of Our Lives Spoilers

Days of Our Lives Spoilers For Next Week January 11-15

The Days of our Lives spoilers for January 11-15, 2021, tease a confrontation of epic proportions, a marriage in limbo, the truth about a heinous attack coming to light, and so much more!

A disillusioned Abigail confers with her parents and learns the true extent of Gwen’s deception. She returns to the DiMera mansion, prepared for yet another confrontation with her former nanny, but gets stopped dead in her tracks when Gwen confesses that she manipulated Chad into sleeping with her!

Chad, having just been convinced by Kate to cut Gwen off at the pass and admit the truth, arrives soon after and learns that his wife is well aware of his infidelity.He throws Gwen off the estate, then tries to offer Abigail anexplanation for his actions.But Abigail isn’t interested.

In fact, she isn’t even interested in remaining under the same roof as her cheating spouse. And when Abigail goes, she’s taking the kids with her! Over at University Hospital, Kayla does her best to soothe a drug-addled Ava who eventually recalls Charlie’s confession to raping Allie.

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