Days of Our Lives Spoilers

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Spoilers May 3 -14, Next 2 Week

The bottom line is even if Kristen’s behind bars, she could still spill their torrid secret to EJ, remind Days of Our Lives spoilers. Watch as Sami Brady struggles to get out of the sticky situation she’s stuck in with Lucas Horton and the DiMera diva.

Days of Our Lives two week ahead spoilers announce Kristen DiMera makes a possibly fatal mistake. As her deception unravels like yarn on a damaged sweater, she can’t control all the loose ends. Keeping up appearances especially when you are literally not yourself is hard.

In Days of Our Lives 2-week spoilers confess that Kristen makes a discovery that leaves her devasted. Recall, Kate is still hidden away in the basement of Chez DiMera. Kate’s survival may be at risk. Let’s hope the fashionista makes it out with nary a nail chipped.

Also, the next two weeks on Days of our Lives see Xander Cook cuts a deal with Kristen and gets a much-needed job. Without his beloved Sarah Horton to talk sense into him, newly-divorced Xander’s back on a dark track on the NBC sudser.

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