Days of Our Lives Spoilers

Days of Our Lives Spoilers For Spoilers Next 2 Week June 29-July 10

Days of our Lives casting brings Vivian Alamain with a mission. She wants to ruin Lani Price’s wedding and shoot the bride. But, Rafe calms Viv telling her Stefan may be alive so she’ll leave Lani in peace. Gabi Hernandez faces her court verdict. Then, she’s hopeful as Jake Lambert’s DNA test results reveal the truth.

Days of our Lives spoilers promise Jake’s displeased with the test – and freaked out about Vivian’s fixation on him. Later, Gabi begs Vivian to help her talk sense to the grudging mechanic. Spoilers have Lani Price’s big day as a series of obstacles. First, Kristen DiMera helps her get ready, but they can’t let anyone know Lani’s fugitive BFF’s in town. Then, Viv tries to shoot her.

But there’s more. Her mom, Tamara Price, collapses. Days of our Lives spoilers bring back Lani’s mom, but things don’t go smoothly. Tamara seems in bad shape, but it works out. So, Lani Price gets her man, the ring, and the honeymoon. Then, it’s time for fireworks as Lani, and Eli Grant celebrate their love on DOOL.

Also, wedding planning on Days of our Lives is Ciara Brady with the help of Claire Brady. But, things get twisty when Ciara’s dress turns up trashed. Ciara and Ben Weston wonder if Claire’s making trouble. Then again, it could be Gwen on Days of our Lives. Spoilers tell us she corners Ben with some snide remarks about his violent past. Plus, Gabi wants Gwen gone and away from Jake-Stefan. Will she get her way on the NBC soap?

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