Days of Our Lives Spoilers

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Next Weeks, January 18-22 DOOL

The Days of our Lives spoilers for January 18-22, 2021, tease a major confrontation, a back story revealed, and so much more. After his and Steve’s bungled snoop job, Tripp realizes that he left his phone at Charlie’s so he returns in hopes of retrieving it.

Upon arrival, he comes face to face with his baby brother! Charlie nervously orders his intruder out, but Tripp refuses to budge…at least not until Charlie admits to being Allie’s rapist.

Charlie, of course, denies the charge. However, his resolve begins to break when Tripp promises to stand by him once the truth is outed. An ill-timed phone call from Steve disrupts the moment, and Charlie throws Tripp out. Later, Charlie seeks out Claire and does his best to convince her of his “innocence.”

Gwen continues to reign as Public Enemy Number 1. Chad, determined to uncover the root cause of his one-night stand’s obsession with Abigail, heads for Statesville and grills Dr. Rolf for information about his partner-in-crime.

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