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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For Monday, October 26, Days

Speaking of kidnap victims, Marlena could use a hero. Thankfully, it looks like one will soon be on the way. Ben gives John Earth-shattering news that will start the search for the Doc. John better act fast because this is a matter of life and death.

Orpheus finally tells Marlena his grand plans and commands her to follow his orders. He wants his son out too and demands Marlena use her power and influence to make it happen. It is quite a tall order but Marlena has no choice but to try. Orpheus is a dangerous maniac and has no qualms about killing her.

Days of our Lives spoilers promise when Gwen finds Dr. Rolf holding a gun on Chad DiMera. She’s in a tough spot. Letting Rolf shoot Chad would devastate Abigail Deveraux. And clearly, Gwen Rizczech wants to wreak havoc on Abby’s life. But, it puts Gwen at risk, too.

Since Days of our Lives spoilers recall Rolf helped Gwen poison Abby, he could blab that to Chad during a confrontation. So, that would show Gwen Rizczech’s hand – and she’s not ready to reveal her endgame. Recall, Gwen wouldn’t even tell Rolf why she’s so fixated on Abby.

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  1. Xander stay away from Sarah, she’s a fool. I hope Kristin comes back & sees Brady intimate with Sarah, let’s see what happens then !

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