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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For Monday, June 1, Days

Days of our Lives spoilers for Monday, June 1, 2020, promise Zoey breaking some big news to Rafe, WilSon making grand plans, Lani struggling with her pregnancy, and Justin putting his heart on the line. It’s another day of lightning speed life choices that you will not want to miss. Orpheus is behind bars but his reach has people on the outside still living under fear, including his daughter.

Poor Zoey has a lot on her plate dealing with her devilish dad and the consequence of his actions. Does she have it in her to take over care of her nephew too? Does she have a choice? Drama unfolds when she meets up with Rafe to discuss David’s custody case. Is she handing over the little man and throwing out her bid for the little boy? Or, is she warning him she’s going for broke?

Baby drama continues for Lani as she mulls over her pregnancy. Yes, she wants to be a mother. It’s been her dream her whole life. However, after losing her David it’s not easy to think of trying again. She already lost her son and can’t imagine going through that a second time. While Lani struggles with her pregnancy, Will and Sonny decide they definitely want a baby.

They’re going all-in on growing their family and start making plans to adopt. They missed their opportunity once and they cherish the chance to do it now. Now, it’s Justin’s turn to get down on one knee. He has the ring, he has the heart, and he has the drive to make her his wife.

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