Days of Our Lives Spoilers

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers Friday, April 23, DAYS

Xander and Chanel are two mercenary peas occupying the same pod, and if they manage to put their heads together, and pool their resources, they might just wind up $5 million ahead. Fingers crossed that Paulina is that desperate to get her baby girl away from the very bad man that she married.

Lucas has his marching orders: make inroads with Chloe…but how to go about it? It’s not like he and his ex-wife have had a whole lot of contact recently.Sure, they’re still on friendly enough terms that they nod to each other when they pass on the street, but even being in the same vicinity as one another is a rare occurrence.

Luckily for Lucas, he’s one heck of a liar. And he’s got a whopper of one to share with Chloe. That should at least get them talking again.
Jake’s made some plans, but they do not sit well with Gabi. Good thing he doesn’t have to run anything by her. It’s not like they’re actually still in love with each other…right?

Right. Well, maybe. Jake’s pretty sure that he’s over Gabi. But he did confide in Kate his jealousy over seeing his ex with her son – which is exactly what Kate doesn’t need to hear. What’s that all about?

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