Days of Our Lives Spoilers

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers : Abigail leaves Salem, Chad lost everything

Days of our lives spoilers it looks like Chad lost his family and it was all because of Gwen rischeck in an interview actor Marcy talked about Abigail and Chad’s relationship

She points out that abigail will put her children in a more stable situation Abby just needs to go out and take a minute to put herself and her kids in a more stable situation.

Miller also said some interesting facts about Chad and Abigail all this time Chad interrogated Abigail and accused her of cheating while that was going on abigail blindly trusted chad as a loyalist and then discovered that he was the one who violated their oath it made her sick and actually hit her Chad doesn’t trust her but then she trusted him very much and didn’t even ask him their affairs.

Were in trouble because Gwen would happily tell abigail that her husband was a talented lover Gwen would be happy to let Abigail know that chad slept with her the day vandal said abigail would slap Gwen with impressive force she would actually let her old nanny have it but it would be a small price to pay in gwen’s eyes.

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