Days of Our Lives Spoilers

Days of Our Lives Spoilers For Friday, July 10 Days

So much so, Ben even considers letting Claire help him with a special task. Is he ready to give her the benefit of the doubt or is he keeping her close so he can watch her every move? Watch for newlyweds Eli and Lani to heat up the screen. They are enjoying married life to the fullest and trying to stay away from all the Salem drama. Will the succeed, or will something happens that brings them back to real life?

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Was Kayla Brady Going to go Through With Her Wedding?

Days of our Lives fans must wonder if Kayla Brady would marry Justin Kiriakis if he hadn’t called off things at the altar. Sure, Kayla genuinely likes Justin, but is he a consolation prize? Remember, the things Kayla has to say about Justin are sweet but bland. She likes his lasagna.

And Days of our Lives recaps recall this Justin-Kayla romance was a rebound by any measure. They were both grieving the loss of their soulmate. Only hers came back. So, do you think Kayla would have said “I do” to Justin despite not loving him as he wants? It sure seemed like it.

Thankfully, Days of our Lives writers didn’t let it go down like that. Justin didn’t accept being Kayla’s default choice. He knew if Steve Johnson admitted he still loved her, that she’d have packed her bags long ago. So, good for Justin. Now, the question is – what’s with “Stayla”?

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