Days of Our Lives Spoilers

Days of our Lives Spoilers For Wednesday, January 13 DOOL

Chad’s in big-time trouble and his life of scandal is crushing his soul. It is also about to crush his marriage. Watch as Kate urges him to come clean before someone else tells his wife.

It is a hard sell, though. The guilt is eating him alive but spilling all means destroying his wife and his happy, little life. He narrowly escaped blowing up his wedded bliss with his jealousy and accusations. He can only imagine what’s going to happen when Abigail realizes he is the one who cheated.

Meanwhile, Abigail and her parents work to unearth the truth about Gwen. More bits and pieces are coming to light and the trio starts to put it all together. The more they learn the more they realize Gwen is more dangerous than they originally thought.

DOOL viewers know that Lani Price shot Stefan DiMera, so that’s why Vivian Alamain lost her precious son. Of course, it’s Vivian’s fault that Stefan was in the line of fire. Remember, Viv pulled her gun first and aimed at Lani. Then, Stefan jumped between them.

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  1. Why do they post like Gabi has a new baby in the spoilers then talk about everything else. Regardless any child is truly in horrible shape to have her anywhere near them.

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