Days of Our Lives Spoilers

Days of our Lives Spoilers For Wednesday, April 7, DOOL

Meanwhile, Jack makes a plea to his eldest daughter. Please, please forgive your sister and call a lasting truce. Now, that’s a big, big ask. Refer to the list above for all the reasons Abigail should be extremely wary of Gwen.

But will Abigail comply? Will she actually sit down and talk with the woman who tortured her emotionally and mentally? Does Jack even have the right to ask this of her?

Ciara had a major breakthrough thanks to Marlena’s hypnotherapy – but it wasn’t the kind anyone suspected. She did remember something all right…but it didn’t concern her romantic history with Ben.

Instead, Mrs. Weston recalled narrowly surviving a fire set by her uber jealous niece – hence the searing read that she subjects Claire to.

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  1. Why do they post like Gabi has a new baby in the spoilers then talk about everything else. Regardless any child is truly in horrible shape to have her anywhere near them.

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