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Days of our Lives Spoilers For Wednesday, June 17 DOOL

Days of our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, June 17, 2020 promise another action-packed day of Salem drama. Ben and Marlena hunt for Gwen, Ciara and Jake search for Gabi, and Gabi attempts to save herself. Nothing will go as anyone plans. Gabi becomes frantic as she feels the clock ticking. Her life is in danger and these men won’t hesitate to take her out. No one is coming and the only thing she can do is try to escape.

It’s a risky move and she knows if it doesn’t work she may not make it through the day. Of course, she knows she may not make it through the night anyway, so why not take the risk? Gabi is well aware she’s playing with fire and she’s not taking this lying down. She has to fight for her life and show these men they’ve met their match!

The longer Gabi is missing the more worried Jake becomes. Her death will be on his head. Gabi may be a nuisance but she’s not his enemy and he vows to do whatever it takes to get her out of this mess. Thankfully, Ciara has a plan. If it works, they could have Gabi home by nightfall. However, if it doesn’t, they are all in even more trouble.

Gwen thought she had her bases covered but using her real name will be her downfall. Claire sold her out and now Ben and the Doc are on their way to take her down. However, will they find her under lock and key? Gwen is smart and if she senses trouble there is no way she’s sticking around.

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  1. Why do they post like Gabi has a new baby in the spoilers then talk about everything else. Regardless any child is truly in horrible shape to have her anywhere near them.

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