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Days of our Lives Spoilers for Wednesday, November 27 DOOL Ubdate

Days of our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, November 27, 2019, tease the end of a short but powerful holiday week. It’s Thanksgiving in Salem and there is a lot to be grateful for, especially a return you will not see coming. This is a jaw-dropping episode you need to see!

The holidays bring good tidings for some and drama for others. For Marlena, it’ll bring a bit of mystery. She’ll get a present form a secret admirer sure to cause some confusion. She’s a married woman very much in love with her man. Who would send a gift? Who wants her all for themselves? Is this just a joke or a misunderstanding?

Nothing in Salem is an accident so Marlena better stay on alert. A blast from her past is back and he wants her attention. She needs to watch her back and be on the lookout for any red flags that come her way. Meanwhile, Eve spends her first, grim Thanksgiving behind bars. Luckily, she has Hattie by her side to cheer her up. Or, at least keep her company. It’s hard being locked up, especially when you’re truly innocent.

Will there be more celebrations spent with Hattie? Eve hopes not. She needs to get out of this concrete jungle before she goes crazy. Is there a way to prove her innocence sooner rather than later? Abby said she’ll look into it but will she? Eve may need a plan B. The portrait is done and Princess Gina is ready to show off her work, only to her subject of course. cotinue reading on the next page —>

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  1. Why do they post like Gabi has a new baby in the spoilers then talk about everything else. Regardless any child is truly in horrible shape to have her anywhere near them.

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