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5 Reasons Why Tyler Christopher Should Make A Comeback – Days Of Our Lives Or GH?

Even though Marcus has been doing an excellent job in his portrayal as Nikolas, fans believe that room can still be made for Tyler, even if it’s in a different role. Even fans know that when it comes to the soap world, you can always expect the unexpected, right?

Daytime Is Where Tyler Christopher Belongs

Let’s face it: Tyler Christopher has always been a soap legend in the making. While he certainly has had his fair share of ups and downs just like so many other people in the entertainment industry, Tyler is one of few talented stars who can make heads turn each time he’s in a scene. And that’s not just because he is super handsome, but also because he feels so much at ease on the set of a daytime television series, and it shows. Simply put, daytime is where Tyler belongs.

Fans Know He Deserves A Second Chance

One of the great things about the daytime television world is that it’s got some of the fiercest and most loyal fans in the entertainment industry. In fact, there isn’t an actor or actress in the soap world that doesn’t have a fan base that is willing to support them through the good times and the bad. For Tyler Christopher, it’s no different.

Even though it’s been several years since he was last on the canvas, fans are calling for him to make a comeback almost each and every day. Regardless if it happens on General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, or another soap for that matter, fans will embrace Tyler with open arms again. Watch this space as we have a feeling that there is so much more to come from Tyler Christopher.

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  1. Poor old Doctor Rebound deserves more than Jennifer constantly forsaking him for relationships that should had been closed as well as the bridges that has lead back to wrong paths.

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