Days of Our Lives Spoilers

Days of Our Lives Spoilers : NBC will replace Konefal with a brand new actress

Konefal admits that she didn’t necessarily like that upon falling for Ben, Ciara lost her identity to a certain extent. “To be fully honest, I don’t like that it’s always ‘Ben and Ciara’ or ‘Ciara and Ben,’” she shares. “You know, I did work on that character for eight months before Ben came to town.

Ciara was more her own person and was dealing with her own drama. She was more independent.” That said, the actress also acknowledges that her alter ego was “sort of lost before Ben came along. She did a lot of growing with him. When they met, she was a lost teen. She stepped into womanhood with him.”

Although Ben is now mourning his lost love, the audience remains convinced that Ciara is out there, somewhere… and hoping that Konefal might decide to return. “I have gone back to tape episodes, as viewers have seen,” she says, adding that she’s open to the possibility of “coming back every now and again.” In fact, Ben and his missus will share a bit of a holiday reunion, as indicated by the show’s winter preview.

In the meantime, Konefal is testing the waters to see what other opportunities might await. And while there’s long been a certain stigma attached to actors who work in daytime, that doesn’t worry her a bit. “I just am who I am,” she shrugs. “I’ve never labeled myself as a soap actor. I’ve always been an actress. I started in theater when I was 7, so I rebuke that stereotype.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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