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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Friday, February 7 DOOL Ubdate

Days of our Lives spoilers for Friday, February 7, 2020, teases a day of earth-shattering reveals and shocking twists as several players go for broke. SteVano confesses, Gina turns up the heat, and the prison trio works to save Ben. It is a moment of truth for SteVano. He is laying all his cards on the table and spilling his secret to his Queen of the Night. He is NOT Steve, he is Stefano!

How will Marlena react to the news? It is a lot for anyone to wrap their head around but adding in the circumstances of his confession makes for a mind-boggling moment. It is a shocker for sure and something the doc was not expecting. The bombshell is also being leaked back in Salem. Kristen is faced with a huge dilemma when confronted by Chad and Abigail.

They want answers about that painting and demand she tells them everything she knows. Will she confirm what they suspect? Princess Gina feels the walls closing and in and decides to up her game. She makes the play of the century for John and hopes it is enough to steal his heart.

Gina is obsessed so John better play this the right way or he could set her off and make things much, much worse for himself. Meanwhile, things grow tense at the prison as Clyde and Ben’s escape plan heats up. Ben’s life is hanging in the balance and the only way to save him is to get out and go on the run until they can clear his name. But, can they get it done? cotinue reading on the next page —>

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