Days of Our Lives Spoilers

Days of Our Lives Spoilers For Next 2 Week June 14-25 DOOL

Nicole Walker still keeps that one night with the hunky lunk a secret from Eric. But will Nicole blurt out her affair as quickly as she did in that email before someone else confirms Eric’s suspicions? Of course, Nicole Walker knows the roll in the hay with Xander is going to be a deal-breaking, marriage-ending shock for Eric Brady on Days of our Lives.

DOOL Spoilers Show EJ Knows Sami Has Been Sleeping Around
Days of Our Lives viewers are excited by the homecoming of EJ DiMera. On the other hand, Sami Brady is shocked by the sudden appearance. She was just about to lock lips again with Lucas Horton. Needless to say, Sami acts happy to see her hubby and keeps the affair with Lucas a secret for the time being.

Now, EJ wants to apologize for his cruelty and start fresh with his wife. On Days of Our Lives, Sami leaves Lucas in a lurch and lands in bed with her husband. However, DOOL spoilers hint at more is yet to come for Sami and first love Lucas. Sami’s own mother, Marlena Evans, can see the closeness between the two. This also will cause concern for stepdad John Black.

But, is all the sneaking around still necessary? Days of Our Lives updates indicate EJ knows Sami’s been unfaithful. Plus, Sami learns EJ is in contact with Kristen. This is huge. After all, Kristen saw the walk of shame after Sami took her recent roll in the hay with Lucas – the first time anyway….

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