Days of Our Lives Spoilers

Days of Our Lives Spoilers For Friday, June 18, DOOL

But now that Jake has agreed with Chad that Kate should move into the DiMera mansion, Gabi’s mulling over whether or not this will be the final indignity that she endures.

Meanwhile, Sami has her hands full juggling her two besotted fellas…or, at least one totally besotted fellow – that’s Lucas – and one who may or may not be leading her up the garden path – and that would be EJ.

Much like Marlena, Roman is well aware of the fact that Lucas is actually the best son-in-law he ever had. Sure, there was that one time that Lucas teamed up with Kate to either drive Sami insane or to the brink of death in order to get custody of Will. And yes, mother and son did once frame Sami for murder and nearly let her be put to death.

But in Lucas’s defense. he’s not EJ, and that forgives a lot of sins. So, that probably goes a long way in explaining why Roman entertains the favor that Lucas asks of him.

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