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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Thursday, March 5 DOOL Ubdate

Days of our Lives spoilers for Thursday, March 5, 2020, reveal an intense day of accusations, confrontations, and tantrums. Jennifer goes after Gina, Roman has it out with Kate, and SteVano continues playing his manipulative games. Expect the unexpected (and also some expected) as the war between good and evil goes off the rails.

The race to save Kayla from SteVano’s clutches heats up as Justin and “Marlena” comes face to face with The Phoenix. The baddie wants his Queen but he isn’t about to hand over his hostage without being sure he is not being tricked this time. Will be believe the woman in front of him is the real Marlena?

Everything rides on being able to trick the ultimate trickster. SteVano has some extra special plans up his sleeve and contingencies just in case this meeting goes off the rails. Rumor has it he will even have Chad waiting in the wings ready to lend a shady helping hand if needed.

Spoilers show Roman may have bigger feelings for Hattie than he’s willing to admit. Could his crush on the waitress be the reason he goes on the attack with Kate ? Rumor has it he is going to have the meltdown of the year over Kate helping SteVano and Gina. If she had come clean months ago they would be caught by now and no one would be in danger.

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