Days of Our Lives Spoilers

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers : Brady & Kristen Unravel – Kristen Obsesses Over Chloe

Kristen might just lay down the law and force Brady to walk away from his new gig. Other Days of Our Lives spoilers say that at the same time, Chloe will express some concern for Brady – specifically, she’ll wonder whether Brady is really going to be able to maintain his relationship with Kristen while she’s in prison for the foreseeable future.

And if Kristen starts dictating what Brady can and can’t do from behind the prison walls, then it could get pretty difficult. We’ll see what happens here, but something’s going to have to give at some point.

Brady won’t want to just walk away from Basic Black, but Kristen’s probably going to realize that Brady’s there every day, all day with Chloe and with another ex, Nicole Brady.

Of course, it seems that Chloe may actually be interested in Philip Kiriakis, but that’s probably not going to matter much to Kristen. The sight of Brady’s kiss with Chloe is apparently going to really set Kristen off, so watch for some demands and ultimatums to start flying!

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