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Days of Our Lives Spoilers For Friday, April 10 Days Ubdate

Days of our Lives spoilers for Friday, April 10, 2020, promise a day of tears and heartbreak in Salem. Sarah’s world spins, Kristen struggles with her loss, and Steve suffers some odd complications. Grab your snacks, coffee, and tissues because you’re not going to want to move during this dramatic and emotional episode. Poor Sarah goes from being a hero for helping to save Steve to a victim of one of the most horrible Salem schemes.

She’s in for a day of tears, heartbreak, and betrayal as she hears the truth of what really happened on Mother’s Day. How will Sarah deal with all the baby swap bombs dropping? To say it’s a lot to take in is an understatement. She’s not Mickey’s mom, her sweet baby is an angel, and her fiancé orchestrated the entire switch.

She’s given her love, care, and dedication to Brady and Kristen’s baby. Not to mention, she fell in love with the man who tricked them all. Is there anything Xander can say or do to fix this mess? He hurt people, destroyed lives, and changed destinies all for the sake of love, or at least that’s his excuse. He simply could not bear to see Sarah in pain.

As for Kristen, she continues with the struggle of losing her baby and trying to move on with her life. Losing her miracle baby is a nightmare she can’t wake up from. Little does she know, she won’t have to. Her daughter is alive and waiting to be back in her arms.

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