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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Friday, July 26 Tony DiMera Resurfaces

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, July 26 promise deceit, deception, and a massive return! Salem will never be the same after these huge shakeups! Kristen needs an ally, and this time it must be someone who will not back out. Xander is a wash and there is no one else in Salem crazy enough to keep “Nicole” as secret.

So, she has to go a wee bit out of the city to find herself a friend. Or an old friend. Another brother, perhaps? Expect a blast from the past to resurface when “Nicole” knocks on Tony’s door! Oh yes, he’s alive too and Kristen needs his help. Will he take the bait and return to Salem?

Rumor has it their plan to take down Stefan will shake up everyone! Of course, taking down Stefan will not be easy. He and Gabi already have a scheme ready to expose Nicole as a monster and get rid of her once and for all. Jaws will drop when fans find out what these two are up to!

Meanwhile, Jack’s world spirals when he realizes his wife is, in fact, working against him. Expect the blow-up of the year when Jack goes at Eve in an explosive showdown. Eve’s lies, manipulations, and secrets will bubble to the surface and her life will spiral out of control. Perhaps she deserves it.

Tripp makes several major missteps trying to help Haley. He gets himself a prescription for sedatives but when he gives it to Haley all hell breaks loose. She’s a trauma victim and needs much more than a pill. How will he handle her next big outburst? cotinue reading on the next page —>

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