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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Wednesday, November 6 DOOL Ubdate

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, November 6, 2019, tease a day of power struggles and heartbreak in Salem. Lani seeks revenge, Eli nurses his open wounds, and Rafe has another run-in with his weird ex-wife. Make sure to tune in because this is one episode you will not want to miss.

Jennifer got her wedding but teasers show she will not make it to her honeymoon. A face-off with Princess Gina ends in a disaster leaving her bent and broken (literally). It’s up to Kayla and Haley to save her life. Kayla’s a top doc but she’s not a miracle worker. (Hey, Rolf is!) Will she find a way to stabilize Jennifer?

Have your snack ready for these nail-biting moments. The clock is ticking and time will tell. As for Her Highness, Gina tries to blend into the shadows for a while but that’s hard to do as a royal. She’ll be found out by Rafe. Can she take him down, too? Rafe is one tough cookie but Gina is tricky and has no problem playing dirty.

And, of course, Gina comes out on top again. At least long enough to get Rolf his flash drive. Isn’t she kind to the man who (sorta) brought her back to life? Meanwhile, Lani and Gabi come to blows when they come face to face. Gabi will push all the wrong buttons and find herself on the receiving end on Lani’s rage. cotinue reading on the next page —>

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