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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Ben Dies – Robert Done on ‘DOOL’ After Flatline

Then, Days of our Lives spoilers explain Ciara’s rushing with Rafe Hernandez. They need to get what they need to exonerate him. But, at the same time, Ben Weston says his goodbyes to his father, and then to two more important people in his life on DOOL.

So, Days of our Lives spoilers have Will Horton out of prison by then. But, he shows to support Ben Weston in his final hour. As does Marlena Evans, his shrink. So, everyone gathers and the prison officials prepare to take his life. And then they do…

Days of our Liaves Spoilers: Ben Weston Is Robert Scott Wilson Leaving Days of our Lives?

It looks like DOOL gives CIN fans a real heartbreak the first week of March. Because, not only does the execution start, but it looks to finish. Because, Ben Weston flatlines, according to official Days of our Lives spoilers. So, what does that mean for Robert Scott Wilson? Well, tons of good acting opportunities. Because it looks like word reaches the prison moments too late that Ben Weston’s an innocent man.

And it looks like he dies since his vital signs go flat. We’ll see Ben’s last thoughts before he loses consciousness, per Days of our Lives spoilers. And of course, it’s flashbacks of his times with Ciara. So, DOOL leaves us thinking Ben dies as the monitors show death on March 4. But, keep your fingers crossed because with a doctor on hand and new evidence on the way, Ben Weston (and Robert Scott Wilson) should be saved.

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  1. Poor old Doctor Rebound deserves more than Jennifer constantly forsaking him for relationships that should had been closed as well as the bridges that has lead back to wrong paths.

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