Days of Our Lives Spoilers

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Justin Face to Face Adrienne’s Killer

Sonny can find happiness like he’s found it with Kayla it seems likely Justin will be cold and harsh with will during their discussion wills deep remorse may not matter much to Justin at this point. Of course, there’s bound to be a twist in this storyline Days of Our Lives spoilers say there are more shockers to come due to the time jump.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Mickey Horton was kidnapped Victor

After Mackenzie Mickey Horton was kidnapped Victor Carrick is pushed sailor cook to make the anonymous texts under spell out exactly. What he thought they did Clyde Weston replied that they hadn’t innocent man locked up that convinced Andhra to write out his confession. So it was clearly accurate information there’s likely a reason dais kept the things anonymous and never mentioned.

Ben Weston specifically the only other crucial male character who’s locked up right now his will well other than Clyde. But we all know he’s not innocent as for will though. We don’t really know that he’s guilty without seeing what actually happened on that horrible night nobody can say for sure well believes he killed Adrian.

But, some trickery probably went down six months ago days of our life spoilers say Justin and sunny might be in for a big surprise when the whole truth comes out. We’ll give you more updates as other days and news comes in stick with the day’s.

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  1. Poor old Doctor Rebound deserves more than Jennifer constantly forsaking him for relationships that should had been closed as well as the bridges that has lead back to wrong paths.

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