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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Monday, October 14 Days Ubdate

Speaking of Rolf, Hope suffers in the aftermath of his attack. She’s out of sorts and doesn’t even remember anything at first. When the pieces do come back together will she realize what happened in time to reverse whatever damage the dangerous doc caused? The grapevine shows some odd and weird things happening with Hope. You may even see a side of her you thought was long forgotten!

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Ericole Interrupted Jen & Jack Reconnect

Other couples in the Days of Our Lives spoilers vid include Eric and Nicole who see Marlena Evans walking in on them while they’re trying to get busy. This interruption may be Marlena worrying to them about Brady Black moving crazy Kristen DiMera into the Kiriakis mansion. Wait to see how that goes.

Plus, Jack Deveraux tells Jennifer Horton that she’s the best thing that ever happened to him. Jack’s got his memories back but Rolf wants to experiment on him to see how it happened. Will he avoid the mad scientist to make sure he doesn’t meddle with his mind? Plus, Gabi Hernandez loses herself in grief now that her hubby’s gone, reveal DOOL spoilers.

Days of Our Lives spoilers promo also has a montage of a whole bunch of kissing including Cin getting their sexy on. Plus, John Black plants one on wife Marlena. Also, Anna DiMera toasts with Tony DiMera as they get engaged. There’s not a whole lot of revelations in this new video except for the breakthrough for Xarah.

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