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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Friday, October 18 DOOL Ubdate

Maybe his sister is becoming a better person. Either way, he’s a big enough man to swallow his pride and apologize. He’s putting on his big boy pants and asking for his sister’s forgiveness. Will he get it? Probably not. Oh, Jordan may pretend to bury the hatchet but rumor has it there is some big trouble on the way!

Days of Our Lives: A New Revenge Scheme For Eve

DOOL spoilers predict Jack Deveraux goes to Eve Donovan asking for a divorce. But, she’ll tell him to stick his divorce papers where the sun doesn’t shine. Eventually, Jack could get a divorce without her cooperation. But that takes time and Eve Donovan knows it. So, maybe her answer is no. Or maybe it’s a “no” unless he does what she wants.

Days of Our Lives spoilers tell us Jack Deveraux proposes to Jen Horton by the end of the month. But, unless Eve Donovan cooperates, they may not make it to the altar. So, will she play nice and release her husband? That doesn’t seem likely, right? So, there’s no telling how far she’ll go to ensure her longtime rival Jen doesn’t win this war.

Next week, DOOL spoilers show Jack Deveraux asking Jen to marry him. It’s clear she wants to reignite their relationship, too. So, that means cutting legal ties with his wife Eve Donovan. That means Jack asks one woman to walk down the aisle with him and the other to walk out of his life.

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