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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Friday, October 18 DOOL Ubdate

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, October 18, 2019, reveal a day of secret drama, a living nightmare, and a very sorry sibling. Make sure to tune in so you do not miss a minute of the action. Poor Eric still has no idea Sarah’s pregnant or that he has some serious baby mama drama going on. Those in the know are keeping their lips zipped, including Nicole.

But that’s not easy. She loves Eric and knows this skeleton will have to come out at some point… and if she doesn’t speak up, she’ll go down in flames. On the other hand, this is not her news to tell. Sarah’s the one who is pregnant and really, there is no guarantee this child is Eric’s at all. Why rock the boat for no reason?

What’s not a secret is how strange Hope is acting. Something odd is going on and her friends are worried. In fact, her weird mood has alarm bells ringing all over town. Even Hope is noticing something isn’t right. Is she just tired? Is she suffering from all the family drama? Or, is there something much worse going on? It’s too bad she has no memory of Rolf and his shady antics. And she’s so darned colorful.

Days of our Lives spoilers reveal Julie may be on the mend but she’s definitely not out of the woods.Watch for Kayla to issue a stern warning to the family. The risk of rejection is real and Julie needs as much rest, relaxation, and peace as she can possibly get. If not things could go off the rails. The DUI driver clearing Jordan’s name has a profound effect on Ben. Maybe he was wrong? cotinue reading on the next page —>

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